The Vision

     Since senior-high, I’ve envisioned creating premium apparel with completely original, and innovative design – and to do it unlike anyone else on the market. But my passion for my brand began way before adolescence… As a kid, my favorite thing to do in life was draw. I wasn’t a people person. I had very poor social skills. But whenever there was a creative assignment, my art talked for me. I remember my classmates used to gather around my desk by the tens, just to watch me work. But like most, I let myself become victim of society. I stopped drawing because the world said it was nerdy and there weren’t any real jobs for artists, and I didn’t get back in touch with my talent until mid-high school. This is when style saved my life.

     At 19, I decided that I didn’t care what the world told me. I was going to pursue my dream and do what I loved… making art and sharing it with people. If they liked it enough, they could buy it and I wouldn’t be homeless. However, I didn’t begin to take steps toward this dream until early 2015, after graduating high school and dropping out of college.

     Right now, the brand specializes in designing tour shirts for upcoming music artists, but the vision is much more grand long term. With the ideas I have for online shopping, I believe I will revolutionize the clothing industry. I plan for this company to go global, giving me opportunity to travel the world and clothe those less fortunate than I; bringing the gospel, genuine love, and attention. But as a company planted in christian faith: I want my actions to be grounded in the word of god – I want my achievements to serve his purpose, and I want the glory to be his: for what he can do through me, and what he can do for me – because I also know that without his blessing I definitely cannot fund these ideas.

     The name ‘Butler’ accounts to God’s calling for us to serve one another.(Galatians 5:13) And the fish logo represents our calling as followers of Christ to be fishers of people, bringing them to their truth and purpose.(Matthew 4:19) Since the company is still so small, any purchase is extremely appreciated and extremely crucial in growing the roots of this mission.🙏

The Team


Timothy Butler
Designer / Developer

Butler Apparel with Chase

Chase Geisler
Search Engine Optimization



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